Expanding functionality

Expanding functionality

Hyprland exposes two powerful sockets for you to use.

The first, socket1, can be fully controlled with hyprctl, see its usage here.

The second, socket2, sends events for certain changes / actions and can be used to react to different events. See its description here.

Example script

This bash script will change the outer gaps to 20 if the currently focused monitor is DP-1, and 30 otherwise.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

function handle {
  if [[ ${1:0:10} == "focusedmon" ]]; then
    if [[ ${1:12:4} == "DP-1" ]]; then
      hyprctl keyword general:gaps_out 20
      hyprctl keyword general:gaps_out 30

socat - "UNIX-CONNECT:/tmp/hypr/$HYPRLAND_INSTANCE_SIGNATURE/.socket2.sock" | while read -r line; do handle "$line"; done