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Workspace Rules

Table of contents

Workspace Rules

You can set workspace rules to achieve workspace-specific behaviors. For instance, you can define a workspace where all windows are drawn without borders or gaps.


  • WORKSPACE is a valid workspace identifier (see Dispatchers->Workspaces). This field is mandatory;
  • RULES is one (or more) rule(s) as described here in rules.




monitor:[m]Binds a workspace to a monitor See syntax and Monitors.string
default:[b]Whether this workspace should be the default workspace for the given monitorbool
gapsin:[x]Set the gaps between windows (equivalent to General->gaps_in)int
gapsout:[x]Set the gaps between windows and monitor edges (equivalent to General->gaps_out)int
bordersize:[x]Set the border size around windows (equivalent to General->border_size)int
border:[b]Whether to draw borders or notbool
rounding:[b]Whether to draw rounded windows or notbool
decorate:[b]Whether to draw window decorations or notbool

Example Rules

workspace = 3, rounding:false, decorate:false
workspace = name:coding, rounding:false, decorate:false, gapsin:0, gapsout:0, border:false, decorate:false, monitor:DP-1
workspace = 8,bordersize:8
workspace = name:Hello, monitor:DP-1, default:true