XWayland is the bridging mechanism between legacy Xorg programs and Wayland compositors.

HiDPI XWayland

XWayland currently looks pixelated on HiDPI screens, due to Xorg’s inability to scale.

This problem is mitigated by the xwayland:force_zero_scaling option, which forces XWayland windows not to be scaled.

This will get rid of the pixelated look, but will not scale applications properly. To do this, each toolkit has its own mechanism.

# change monitor to high resolution, the last argument is the scale factor

# unscale XWayland
xwayland {
  force_zero_scaling = true

# toolkit-specific scale
env = GDK_SCALE,2

The GDK_SCALE variable won’t conflict with Wayland-native GTK programs.

XWayland HiDPI patches are no longer supported. Do not use them.