Crashes and Bugs

Crashes and Bugs

Getting the log

If you are in a TTY, and the Hyprland session that crashed was the last one you launched, the log can be printed with

cat /tmp/hypr/$(ls -t /tmp/hypr/ | head -n 1)/hyprland.log

if you are in a Hyprland session, and you want the log of the last session, use

cat /tmp/hypr/$(ls -t /tmp/hypr/ | head -n 2 | tail -n 1)/hyprland.log

Obtaining the Hyprland Crash Report

If you have $XDG_CACHE_HOME set, the crash report directory is $XDG_CACHE_HOME/hyprland. If not, it’s $HOME/.cache/hyprland.

Go to the crash report directory and you should find a file named hyprlandCrashReport[XXXX].txt where [XXXX] is the PID of the process that crashed.

Attach that file to your issue.

Crashes at launch

Diagnose the issue by what is in the log:

  • sWLRBackend was NULL! -> launch in the TTY and refer to the wlr logs in RED.
  • Monitor X has NO PREFERRED MODE, and an INVALID one was requested -> your monitor is bork.
  • Other -> see the coredump. Use coredumpctl, find the latest one’s PID and do coredumpctl info PID.
  • failing on a driver (e.g. radeon) -> try compiling with make legacyrenderer, if that doesn’t help, report an issue.
  • failing on wlr-xxx -> try compiling with make legacyrenderer, if that doesn’t help, report an issue, and also refer to the TTY wlr logs in RED like in the first point.
  • failing on Hyprland -> report an issue.

Crashes not at launch

Report an issue on GitHub or on the Discord server.


First of all, READ THE FAQ PAGE

If your bug is not listed there, you can ask on the Discord server or open an issue on GitHub.

Bisecting an issue

“Bisecting” is finding the first git commit that introduced a specific bug or regression using binary search. This is done in git using the git bisect command.

First, clone the Hyprland repo if you haven’t already:

git clone --recursive
cd Hyprland

Start the bisect process:

git bisect start

Enter the first known good commit hash that did not contain the issue:

git bisect good [good commit]

Then, enter the known bad commit hash that does contain the issue. You can simply use HEAD:

git bisect bad HEAD

git will now checkout a commit in the middle of the specified range. Now, build and install Hyprland:

make all
sudo make install

…and run Hyprland from the TTY.

Try to reproduce your issue. If you can’t (i.e. the bug is not present), go back to the Hyprland repo and run git bisect good. If you can reproduce it, run git bisect bad. git will then checkout another commit and continue the binary search.

Build and install Hyprland again and repeat this step until git identifies the commit that introduced the bug:

[commit hash] is the first bad commit

Building the Wayland stack with ASan

If requested, this is the deepest level of memory issue debugging possible.

Do this in the tty, with no Hyprland instances running.

Clone hyprland: git clone --recursive

make asan

Reproduce your crash. Hyprland will exit back to the tty.

Now, in either cwd, ~ or ./build, search for file(s) named asan.log.XXXXX where XXXXX is a number.

Zip all of them up and attach to your issue.