hyprcursor is a new cursor theme format that has many advantages over the widely used xcursor.

Hyprcursor themes

You will need to obtain those yourself. If you are on the Discord server, see #hyprcursor-themes.

Put your theme(s) in ~/.local/share/icons or ~/.icons

It’s not recommended to put cursor themes in system-wide /usr/share/icons due to potential permission issues.

You can set your theme with envvars, or with hyprctl setcursor.


  • HYPRCURSOR_THEME controls the theme.
  • HYPRCURSOR_SIZE controls the cursor size.

example snippet of hyprland.conf:


Creating / Porting Themes

Go to the hyprcursor repo

See the docs/ and hyprcursor-util/ directories for instructions.

Important notes

Although many apps support server-side cursors (e.g. qt, chromium, electron, hypr ecosystem) some apps still don’t (like gtk)

Apps that do not support server-side cursors and hyprcursor will still fall back to XCursor.

For those apps, you need to export XCURSOR_THEME and XCURSOR_SIZE to a valid XCursor theme, and run gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-theme 'THEME_NAME' for gtk.

If the app is a flatpak, run flatpak override --filesystem=~/.themes:ro --filesystem=~/.icons:ro --user and put your themes in both /usr/share/themes and ~/.themes, and put your icons and XCursors in both /usr/share/icons and ~/.icons.

I don’t want to use hyprcursor

If you don’t have any hyprcursor themes installed, Hyprland will fall back to XCursor, and use whatever you define with XCURSOR_THEME and XCURSOR_SIZE.