hypridle is Hyprland’s idle management daemon.


Configuration is done via the config file at ~/.config/hypr/hypridle.conf. A config file is required; hypridle won’t run without one. To run hypridle at startup, edit hyprland.conf and add: exec-once = hypridle.


Variables in the general category:

lock_cmdcommand to run when receiving a dbus lock event (e.g. loginctl lock-session)stringempty
unlock_cmdcommand to run when receiving a dbus unlock event (e.g. loginctl unlock-session)stringempty
before_sleep_cmdcommand to run when receiving a dbus prepare_sleep eventstringempty
after_sleep_cmdcommand to run when receiving a dbus post prepare_sleep eventstringempty
ignore_dbus_inhibitwhether to ignore dbus-sent idle inhibit events (e.g. from firefox)boolfalse


Hypridle uses listeners to define actions on idleness.

Every listener has a timeout (in seconds). After idling for timeout seconds, on-timeout will fire. When action is resumed after idle, on-resume will fire.

Example listener:

listener {
    timeout = 500                            # in seconds.
    on-timeout = notify-send "You are idle!" # command to run when timeout has passed.
    on-resume = notify-send "Welcome back!"  # command to run when activity is detected after timeout has fired.

You can define as many listeners as you want.

Full hypridle example with hyprlock:

general {
    lock_cmd = pidof hyprlock || hyprlock       # avoid starting multiple hyprlock instances.
    before_sleep_cmd = loginctl lock-session    # lock before suspend.
    after_sleep_cmd = hyprctl dispatch dpms on  # to avoid having to press a key twice to turn on the display.

listener {
    timeout = 150                                # 2.5min.
    on-timeout = brightnessctl -s set 10         # set monitor backlight to minimum, avoid 0 on OLED monitor.
    on-resume = brightnessctl -r                 # monitor backlight restore.

# turn off keyboard backlight, comment out this section if you dont have a keyboard backlight.
listener { 
    timeout = 150                                          # 2.5min.
    on-timeout = brightnessctl -sd rgb:kbd_backlight set 0 # turn off keyboard backlight.
    on-resume = brightnessctl -rd rgb:kbd_backlight        # turn on keyboard backlight.

listener {
    timeout = 300                                 # 5min
    on-timeout = loginctl lock-session            # lock screen when timeout has passed

listener {
    timeout = 330                                 # 5.5min
    on-timeout = hyprctl dispatch dpms off        # screen off when timeout has passed
    on-resume = hyprctl dispatch dpms on          # screen on when activity is detected after timeout has fired.

listener {
    timeout = 1800                                # 30min
    on-timeout = systemctl suspend                # suspend pc