hyprpaper is a fast, IPC-controlled wallpaper utility for Hyprland.


The config file is located at ~/.config/hypr/hyprpaper.conf. It is not required.

Configuration is done using preload, which loads an image into memory. Then, the wallpaper keyword is used to apply the preloaded image to your monitor(s):

preload = /home/me/amongus.png
wallpaper = DP-1,/home/me/amongus.png

For wallpaper keywords:

You can use unload to unload preloaded images. You can also specify unload all to unload all images or unload unused to unload images that aren’t being used.

To run hyprpaper at startup edit hyprland.conf and add: exec-once = hyprpaper.

Misc options

splashenable rendering of the hyprland splash over the wallpaperboolfalse
splash_offsethow far (in % of height) up should the splash be displayedfloat2.0
splash_colorcolor to use when rendering splashcolor55ffffff
ipcwhether to enable IPCbooltrue


hyprpaper supports IPC via hyprctl. Every dispatcher mentioned in Configuration can be called with hyprctl hyprpaper <dispatcher> <arg(s)>.

Additionally, you can get some info about the current state of hyprpaper with listloaded and listactive.


hyprctl hyprpaper preload "~/Pictures/myepicpng.png"
hyprctl hyprpaper wallpaper "DP-1,~/Pictures/myepicpng.png"
hyprctl hyprpaper listloaded

Please note all paths have to be absolute (or start with ~).