NOTE: This page only applies to the flake package. You can safely skip this if you use the Nixpkgs package.

The Hyprland flake is not built by Hydra, so it is not cached in, like the rest of Nixpkgs.

Instead of requiring you to build Hyprland (and its dependencies, which may include mesa, ffmpeg, etc), we provide a Cachix cache that you can add to your Nix configuration.

The Hyprland Cachix exists to cache the hyprland packages and any dependencies not found in

In order for Nix to take advantage of the cache, it has to be enabled before using the Hyprland flake package.
# configuration.nix
  nix.settings = {
    substituters = [""];
    trusted-public-keys = [""];

Do not override Hyprland’s nixpkgs input unless you know what you are doing.

Doing so will make the cache useless, since you’re building from a different Nixpkgs commit.