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Hyprland on Other Distros

If you use Nix on distros other than NixOS, you can still use Hyprland.

The best option would be through Home Manager.

However, if Home Manager is not for you, you can use it as a normal package.

With flakes

First, enable flakes.

Once you have flakes working, install Hyprland through nix profile:

nix profile install github:hyprwm/Hyprland

Since you’re using Hyprland outside of NixOS, it won’t be able to find graphics drivers. To get around that, you can use nixGL.

First, install it, in the same manner you installed Hyprland:

nix profile install github:guibou/nixGL --impure

Impure is needed due to nixGL’s reliance on hardware information.

From now on, you can run Hyprland by invoking it with nixGL

nixGL Hyprland

or by creating a wrapper script that runs the above command inside.


In order to upgrade all your packages, you can run

nix profile upgrade '.*'

Check the nix profile command documentation for other upgrade options.