Options & Overrides

Options & Overrides

You can override the package through .override or .overrideAttrs. This is easily achievable on NixOS or Home Manager.

Package options

These are the default options that the Hyprland package is built with. These can be changed by setting the appropriate option to true/false.


(pkgs.hyprland.override { # or inputs.hyprland.packages.${pkgs.system}.hyprland
  enableXWayland = true;  # whether to enable XWayland
  legacyRenderer = false; # whether to use the legacy renderer (for old GPUs)
  withSystemd = true;     # whether to build with systemd support

NixOS & HM modules

programs.hyprland = { # or wayland.windowManager.hyprland
  enable = true;
  xwayland.enable = true;

Options descriptions


XWayland is enabled by default in the Nix package. You can disable it either in the package itself, or through the module options.

XWayland HiDPI

See XWayland.

Using Nix repl

If you’re using Nix (and not NixOS or Home Manager) and you want to override, you can do it like this:

$ nix repl
nix-repl> :lf git+https://github.com/hyprwm/Hyprland?submodules=1
nix-repl> :bl outputs.packages.x86_64-linux.hyprland.override { /* flag here */ }

Then you can run Hyprland from the built path.