Using plugins

Using plugins

This page will tell you how to use plugins.



Plugins are written in C++ and will run as a part of Hyprland.

Make sure to always read the source code of the plugins you are going to use and to trust the source.

Writing a plugin to wipe your computer is easy.

Never trust random .so files you receive from other people.

Getting plugins

Plugins come as shared objects, aka. .so files.

Hyprland does not have any “default” plugins, so any plugin you may want to use you will have to find yourself.

Installing / Using plugins

It is highly recommended you use the Hyprland Plugin Manager, hyprpm. For manual instructions, see a bit below.


Make sure you have the required dependencies: cpio, meson, cmake.

Find a repository you want to install plugins from. As an example, we will use hyprland-plugins.

hyprpm add

Once it finishes, you can list your installed plugins with:

hyprpm list

Then, enable or disable them via hyprpm enable name and hyprpm disable name.

In order for the plugins to be loaded into Hyprland, run hyprpm reload.

You can add exec-once = hyprpm reload -n to your Hyprland config to have plugins loaded at startup. -n will make hyprpm send a notification if anything goes wrong (e.g. update needed)

To update your plugins, run hyprpm update.

For all options of hyprpm, run hyprpm -h.


Different plugins may have different build methods, refer to their instructions.

If you don’t have Hyprland headers installed, clone Hyprland, checkout to your version, build Hyprland, and run sudo make installheaders. Then build your plugin(s).

To load plugins manually, use hyprctl plugin load path !NOTE: Path HAS TO BE ABSOLUTE!

You can unload plugins with hyprctl plugin unload path.

FAQ About Plugins

My Hyprland crashes!

Oh no. Oopsie. Usually means a plugin is broken. hyprpm disable it.

How do I list my loaded plugins?

hyprctl plugin list

How do I make my own plugin?

See here.

Where do I find plugins?

You can find our featured plugins at You can also see a list at awesome-hyprland. Note that it may not be complete. Lastly, you can try searching around github for the "hyprland plugin" keyword.

Are plugins safe?

As long as you read the source code of your plugin(s) and can see there’s nothing bad going on, they will be safe.

Do plugins decrease Hyprland’s stability?

Hyprland employs a few tactics to unload plugins that crash. However, those tactics may not always work. In general, as long as the plugin is well-designed, it should not affect the stability of Hyprland.