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Here you will find links to some other projects that may not fit into any of the above categories.

Workspace management

hyprsome by sopa0: Awesome-like workspaces for Hyprland.

Keyboard layout management

hyprland-per-window-layout by MahouShoujoMivutilde and coffebar: Per window keyboard layouts for Hyprland.

IPC wrappers

hyprland-rs by yavko: A neat wrapper for Hyprland’s IPC written in Rust

Screen shaders/color temperature

hyprshade by loqusion: Utility for swapping and scheduling screen shaders; also functions as an automatic color temperature shifter. (Useful for Nvidia users for whom other color temperature shifting apps do not work.)

Automatically Mounting Using udiskie

Starting method: manual (’exec-once')

USB Mass storage devices, like thumb drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. do not mount automatically to the file system.

We generally have to manually mount it, often using root and umount to do so.

Many popular DEs automatically handle this by using udisks2 wrappers.

udiskie is a udisks2 front-end that allows to manage removable media such as CDs or flash drives from userspace.

Install udiskie via your repositories, or build manually

Head over to your ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf and add the following lines:

exec-once = udiskie &

What this does is launches udiskie and & argument launches it in the background.

See more uses here .