Screen sharing

Screen sharing

Screensharing is done through PipeWire on Wayland.


Make sure you have pipewire and wireplumber installed, enabled and running if you don’t have them yet.


Read this amazing gist by Bruno Ancona Sala for a great tutorial.

Better screensharing

See the hyprland portal page


If your screensharing application is running under XWayland (like Discord or Skype), it can only see other XWayland windows and cannot share an entire screen or a Wayland window.

The KDE team has implemented a workaround for this called xwaylandvideobridge. You can use this AUR package on Arch Linux. Note that Hyprland currently doesn’t support the way it tries to hide the main window, so you will have to create some window rules to achieve the same effect. See this issue for more information. For example:

windowrulev2 = opacity 0.0 override,class:^(xwaylandvideobridge)$
windowrulev2 = noanim,class:^(xwaylandvideobridge)$
windowrulev2 = noinitialfocus,class:^(xwaylandvideobridge)$
windowrulev2 = maxsize 1 1,class:^(xwaylandvideobridge)$
windowrulev2 = noblur,class:^(xwaylandvideobridge)$