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This page documents known tricks and fixes to boost performance if by any chance you stumble upon problems or you do not care that much about animations.

Fractional scaling

Wayland fractional scaling is a lot better than before, but it is not perfect. Some applications do not support it yet or the support is experimental at best. If you have problems with your graphics card having high usage and hyprland feeling laggy then try setting the scaling to integer numbers such as 1 or 2 like in this example monitor=,preferred,auto,2.

Low FPS/stutter/FPS drops on Intel iGPU with TLP (mainly laptops)

The TLP defaults are rather aggressive, setting INTEL_GPU_MIN_FREQ_ON_AC and/or INTEL_GPU_MIN_FREQ_ON_BAT in /etc/tlp.conf to something slightly higher (e.g. to 500 from 300) will reduce stutter significantly or, in the best case, remove it completely.

How do I make Hyprland draw as little power as possible on my laptop?

Useful Optimizations:

  • decoration:blur = false and decoration:drop_shadow = false to disable fancy but battery hungry effects.

  • misc:vfr = true, since it’ll lower the amount of sent frames when nothing is happening on-screen.

My games work poorly, especially proton ones

Use gamescope, tends to fix any and all issues with wayland/Hyprland.