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Window Rules

Table of contents

Window Rules V1

You can set window rules to achieve different behaviours from the active container.


  • RULE is a rule (and a param if applicable)
  • WINDOW is a RegEx, either:
    • plain RegEx (for matching a window class);
    • title: followed by a regex (for matching a window’s title)


windowrule=move 0 0,title:^(Firefox)(.*)$

Window Rules V2

In order to allow more flexible rules, while retaining compatibility with the above rule system, window rules V2 were implemented.

In V2, you are allowed to match multiple variables.

the RULE field is unchanged, but in the WINDOW field, you can put regexes for multiple values like so:

windowrulev2 = float,class:^(kitty)$,title:^(kitty)$

For now, the supported fields are:

class - class regex
title - title regex
xwayland - 0/1
floating - 0/1
fullscreen - 0/1
pinned - 0/1

Keep in mind that you have to declare at least one field, but not all.

To get more information about a window’s class, title, XWayland status or its size, you can use hyprctl clients.


floatfloats a window
tiletiles a window
fullscreenfullscreens a window
maximizemaximizes a window
nofullscreenrequestprevents windows from requesting fullscreen mode, you can still manually toggle fullscreen.
move [x] [y]moves a floating window (x,y -> int or %, e.g. 20% or 100. You are also allowed to do 100%- for the right/bottom anchor, e.g. 100%-20) Additionally, you can also do cursor [x] [y] where x and y are either pixels or percent. Percent is calculated from the window’s size.
size [x] [y]resizes a floating window (x,y -> int or %, e.g. 20% or 100)
minsize [x] [y]sets the minimum size on creation (x,y -> int)
maxsize [x] [y]sets the maximum size on creation (x,y -> int)
centerif the window is floating, will center it on the monitor
pseudopseudotiles a window
monitor [id]sets the monitor on which a window should open
workspace [w]sets the workspace on which a window should open (for workspace syntax, see dispatchers->workspaces). You can also make [w] to unset, will unset all previous workspace rules applied to this window. You can also add silent after the workspace to make the window open silently.
opacity [a]additional opacity multiplier. Options for a: float -> sets an opacity OR float float -> sets activeopacity and inactiveopacity respectively. You can also add override after an opacity to make it override instead of a multiplier. (e.g. 1.0 override 0.5 override)
opaqueforces the window to be opaque (can be toggled with the toggleopaque dispatcher)
animation [style] ([opt])forces an animation onto a window, with a selected opt. Opt is optional.
rounding [x]forces the application to have X pixels of rounding, ignoring the set default (in decoration:rounding). Has to be an int.
noblurdisables blur for the window
nofocusdisables focus to the window
noborderdisables borders for the window
noshadowdisables shadows for the window
forceinputforces an XWayland window to receive input, even if it requests not to do so. (Might fix issues like e.g. Game Launchers not receiving focus for some reason)
windowdanceforces an XWayland window to never refocus, used for games/applications like Rhythm Doctor
pinpins the window note: floating only
noanimdisables the animations for the window
bordercolor [c]force the bordercolor of the window. Options for c: color -> sets the active border color OR color color -> sets the active and inactive border color of the window. See variables->colors for color definition.
idleinhibit [mode]sets an idle inhibit rule for the window. If active, apps like swayidle will not fire. Modes: none, always, focus, fullscreen
unsetremoves all previously set rules for the given parameters. Please note it has to match EXACTLY.
nomaxsizeremoves max size limitations. Especially useful with windows that report invalid max sizes (e.g. winecfg)
dimarounddims everything around the window . Please note this rule is meant for floating windows and using it on tiled ones may result in strange behavior.

Example Rules

windowrule = move 100 100,^(kitty)$ # moves kitty to 100 100
windowrule = animation popin,^(kitty)$ # sets the animation style for kitty
windowrule = noblur,^(firefox)$ # disables blur for firefox
windowrule = move cursor -50% -50%,^(kitty)$ # moves kitty to the center of the cursor
windowrulev2 = bordercolor rgb(FF0000) rgb(880808),fullscreen:1 # set bordercolor to red if window is fullscreen
windowrulev2 = bordercolor rgb(FFFF00),title:^(.*Hyprland.*)$ # set bordercolor to yellow when title contains Hyprland
windowrule = opacity 1.0 override 0.5 override,^(kitty)$ # set opacity to 1.0 active and 0.5 inactive for kitty
windowrule = rounding 10,^(kitty)$ # set rounding to 10 for kitty


Rules that are marked as Dynamic will be reevaluated if the matching property of the window changes. For instance, if a rule is defined that changes the bordercolor of a window when it is floating, then the bordercolor will change to the requested color when it is set to floating, and revert to the default color when it is tiled again. Dynamic matching properties are title, floating, fullscreen and pinned.

Rules will be processed from top to bottom, where the last match will take precedence. i.e.

windowrulev2 = opacity 0.8 0.8,class:^(kitty)$
windowrulev2 = opacity 0.5 0.5,floating:1

-> all kitty windows will have opacity 0.8, except if they are floating. Then they will have opacity 0.5. -> all floating windows will have opacity 0.5.

windowrulev2 = opacity 0.5 0.5,floating:1
windowrulev2 = opacity 0.8 0.8,class:^(kitty)$

-> all kitty windows will have opacity 0.8, also if they are floating. -> all other floating windows will have opacity 0.5.

Opacity is always a PRODUCT of all opacities. E.g. active_opacity to 0.5 and windowrule opacity to 0.5 will result in a total opacity 0.25. You are allowed to set opacities over 1, but any opacity product over 1 will cause graphical glitches. E.g. 0.5 * 2 = 1, and it will be fine, 0.5 * 4 will cause graphical glitches.

Layer Rules

Some things in wayland are not windows, but layers. That includes for example most launchers, your status bar or wallpaper.

Those have specific rules separate from windows:

layerrule = rule, namespace

where rule is the rule and namespace is the namespace regex (find namespaces in hyprctl layers)


noanimdisables animations