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Crashes and Bugs

Getting the log

If you are in a TTY, and the hyprland session that crashed was the last one you launched, the log will be printed with

cat /tmp/hypr/$(ls -t /tmp/hypr/ | head -n 1)/hyprland.log

feel free to save it to a file, save, copy, etc.

if you are in a Hyprland session, and you want the log of the last session, use

cat /tmp/hypr/$(ls -t /tmp/hypr/ | head -n 2 | tail -n 1)/hyprland.log

Obtaining the Hyprland Crash Report

If you have $XDG_CACHE_HOME set, the crash report directory is $XDG_CACHE_HOME/hyprland. If not, it’s $HOME/.cache/hyprland.

Go to the crash report directory and you should find a file named hyprlandCrashReport[XXXX].txt where [XXXX] is the PID of the process that crashed.

Attach that file to your issue.

Crashes at launch

Diagnose the issue by what is in the log:

  • sWLRBackend was NULL! -> launch in the TTY and refer to the wlr logs in RED.
  • Monitor X has NO PREFERRED MODE, and an INVALID one was requested -> your monitor is bork.
  • Other -> see the coredump. Use coredumpctl, find the latest one’s PID and do coredumpctl info PID.
  • failing on a driver (e.g. radeon) -> try compiling with make legacyrenderer, if that doesn’t help, report an issue.
  • failing on wlr-xxx -> try compiling with make legacyrenderer, if that doesn’t help, report an issue, and also refer to the TTY wlr logs in RED like in the first point.
  • failing on Hyprland -> report an issue.

Crashes not at launch

Report an issue on GitHub or on the Discord server.


First of all, READ THE FAQ PAGE

If your bug is not listed there, you can ask on the Discord server or open an issue on GitHub.

Building the Wayland stack with ASan

If requested, this is the deepest level of memory issue debugging possible.

Prepare yourself mentally, and then:

recommended to do in tty

clone wayland (git clone --recursive https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/wayland) clone hyprland (git clone --recursive https://github.com/hyprwm/Hyprland)

add these envs to your Hyprland config to reset ASAN_OPTIONS for children and set LD_PRELOAD:

env = ASAN_OPTIONS,detect_odr_violation=0
env = LD_PRELOAD,/usr/lib/libasan.so.8.0.0

Please note to check the asan .so version on your system with ls /usr/lib | grep libasan


meson ./build --prefix=/usr --buildtype=debug -Db_sanitize=address
sudo ninja -C build install

The Wayland build will likely fail citing missing dependencies such as Doxygen, these dependencies will likely be available from your distros package manager.


cmake --no-warn-unused-cli -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Debug -DWITH_ASAN:STRING=True -S . -B ./build -G Ninja
cmake --build ./build --config Debug --target all -j`nproc 2>/dev/null || getconf NPROCESSORS_CONF`
cd ./subprojects/wlroots
rm -rf ./build
meson ./build --prefix=/usr --buildtype=debug -Db_sanitize=address
ninja -C build
cd ../..
sudo make install

Exit Hyprland to a TTY, cd to the cloned hyprland, and launch it:

ASAN_OPTIONS="detect_odr_violation=0,log_path=asan.log" ./build/Hyprland -c ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf

open your terminal

Do whatever you used to do in order to crash the compositor.

Please note many apps will refuse to launch. Notably complex applications, like e.g. browsers.

Once it crashes, go to ~ or cwd and look for asan.log.XXXXX files. Zip all and attach to the issue.

once you are done, to revert your horribleness of no app opening without the ld preload just go to the cloned wayland and do

sudo rm -rf ./build
meson ./build --prefix=/usr --buildtype=release
sudo ninja -C build install

To revert the changes to hyprland and wlroots, do inside the cloned hyprland:

make all && sudo make install