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Due to their proprietary nature, Nvidia GPUs have limited compatibility with Hyprland. If you want to try Hyprland on Nvidia regardless (many people have reported successes), follow the Nvidia page after installing Hyprland.


Arch, NixOS and openSUSE Tumbleweed are very supported. For any other distro (not based on Arch/Nix) you might have varying amounts of success. However, since Hyprland is extremely bleeding-edge, distros like Pop!_OS, Ubuntu, etc. might have major issues running Hyprland.


Installing Hyprland is very easy. Either you install it from your local package provider (if they provide pkgs for Hyprland) or you install/build it yourself.

This project is under development and is constantly changing. If you want to keep up to date with the latest commits, please consider updating your packages with yay -Syu --devel, or your other preferred package manager.


WARNING: I do not maintain any packages. If they are broken, try building from source first.

If you’re on Arch Linux, I heavily recommend you use the AUR.

hyprland-git - compiles from latest source
hyprland - compiles from latest release source
hyprland-bin - compiled latest release, prone to breaking on ARM devices as Hyprland binary is compiled for x86
Read the Nix page.

There are precompiled packages of Hyprland available in the X11:Wayland project on OBS.

To install them, follow the instructions at software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=X11:Wayland&package=hyprland or use OPI to install it.

opi hyprland

Alternatively, you can also follow the instructions under “Manual (Manual Build)” to build Hyprland yourself.

Note: Hyprland is not available for Leap, as most libraries (and compiler) that Hyprland needs are too old.

The hyprland package is available in the wayland-desktop overlay.

eselect repository enable wayland-desktop
emaint sync -r wayland-desktop
emerge --ask --verbose hyprland

Hyprland and related are in the default repository:

Manual (Releases, Linux-only)

Download the most recent release.

copy the binary (Hyprland) to /usr/bin/.

copy hyprctl to /usr/bin/.

copy the wlroots .so (libwlroots.so.XX032) to /usr/lib/.

copy the desktop entry (examples/hyprland.desktop) to /usr/share/wayland-sessions/

the example config is in examples/hyprland.conf.

For updating later on, you can overwrite the binaries (hyprctl, hyprland and libwlroots), you don’t need to update anything else.

Manual (Manual Build)

Arch dependencies:

yay -S gdb ninja gcc cmake meson libxcb xcb-proto xcb-util xcb-util-keysyms libxfixes libx11 libxcomposite xorg-xinput libxrender pixman wayland-protocols cairo pango seatd libxkbcommon xcb-util-wm xorg-xwayland libinput

(Please make a pull request or open an issue if any packages are missing from the list)

openSUSE dependencies:

zypper in gcc-c++ git meson cmake "pkgconfig(cairo)" "pkgconfig(egl)" "pkgconfig(gbm)" "pkgconfig(gl)" "pkgconfig(glesv2)" "pkgconfig(libdrm)" "pkgconfig(libinput)" "pkgconfig(libseat)" "pkgconfig(libudev)" "pkgconfig(pango)" "pkgconfig(pangocairo)" "pkgconfig(pixman-1)" "pkgconfig(vulkan)" "pkgconfig(wayland-client)" "pkgconfig(wayland-protocols)" "pkgconfig(wayland-scanner)" "pkgconfig(wayland-server)" "pkgconfig(xcb)" "pkgconfig(xcb-icccm)" "pkgconfig(xcb-renderutil)" "pkgconfig(xkbcommon)" "pkgconfig(xwayland)" glslang-devel Mesa-libGLESv3-devel "pkgconfig(xcb-errors)"

(this should also work on RHEL/Fedora if you remove Mesa-libGLESv3-devel and pkgconfig(xcb-errors))

FreeBSD dependencies:

pkg install git pkgconf gmake gcc evdev-proto cmake wayland-protocols wayland libglvnd libxkbcommon libinput cairo pixman libxcb
pkg install meson `pkg rquery %dn wlroots`
export CC=gcc CXX=g++ LDFLAGS="-static-libstdc++ -static-libgcc"

Please note Hyprland builds wlroots. Make sure you have the dependencies of wlroots installed, you can make sure you have them by installing wlroots separately (Hyprland doesn’t mind)

Also note that Hyprland uses the C++23 standard, so both your compiler and your C++ library has to support that (gcc>=12.1.0 or clang>=15). On Clang-based systems libc++ may be used by default, so until libc++ supports C++23 you have to pass -stdlib=libstdc++ or switch to GCC.

git clone --recursive https://github.com/hyprwm/Hyprland
cd Hyprland
sudo make install


meson _build
ninja -C _build
ninja -C _build install --tags runtime,man

Refer to Debugging to see how to build & debug.

Crash on launch

See Crashes and Bugs.

Custom installation (legacy renderer, etc)

cd into the hyprland repo.

for legacy renderer:

sudo make clear && sudo make config && make protocols && make legacyrenderer && sudo cp ./build/Hyprland /usr/bin && sudo cp ./example/hyprland.desktop /usr/share/wayland-sessions

please note the legacy renderer may not support some graphical features.

Any other config: (replace [PRESET] with your preset, release debug legacyrenderer legacyrendererdebug)

sudo make clear && sudo make config && make protocols && make [PRESET] && sudo cp ./build/Hyprland /usr/bin && sudo cp ./example/hyprland.desktop /usr/share/wayland-sessions

Custom Build flags

To apply custom build flags, you’ll have to ditch make.

Supported custom build flags:

NO_XWAYLAND - Removes XWayland support
NO_SYSTEMD - Removes systemd dependencies

How to?

Go to the root repo.

Clean before everything and config the root:

make clear && sudo make config && make protocols

Then, configure CMake:

mkdir -p build && cmake --no-warn-unused-cli -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release -D<YOUR_FLAG>:STRING=true -H./ -B./build -G Ninja

Change <YOUR_FLAG> to one of the custom build flags. You are allowed to use multiple at once, then add another -D<YOUR_FLAG_2>:STRING=true

You can of course also change the BUILD_TYPE to Debug.

Now, build:

cmake --build ./build --config Release --target all -j $(nproc)

If you configured in Debug, change the --config to Debug as well.

Now, of course, install manually.

sudo cp ./build/Hyprland /usr/bin && sudo cp ./example/hyprland.desktop /usr/share/wayland-sessions