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To install Hyprland on NixOS, we provide a NixOS and a Home Manager module.

  • (Required) NixOS Module: enables critical components needed to run Hyprland properly
  • (Optional) Home-manager module: lets you declaratively configure Hyprland

NixOS module

The module is now upstreamed into Nixpkgs, which means all you need in your configuration is:

{config, pkgs, ...}: {
  programs.hyprland.enable = true;
  # Optional, hint electron apps to use wayland:
  # environment.sessionVariables.NIXOS_OZONE_WL = "1";

Note that the command to run hyprland is Hyprland (with a capital H) and not hyprland.

For more options, see module options.

For other NixOS options, see Hyprland on NixOS.

Home-manager module

Read Hyprland on Home Manager.

For the adventurous, @spikespaz has made a Hyprland module that can be used in Home Manager and NixOS. It can be found here.

Options and overrides

Read Options & Overrides.