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App Launchers


Wofi is a GTK-based customizable launcher for wayland. SourceHut.

Rofi (Wayland fork)

Rofi, but with Wayland support. GitHub.


bemenu is a Wayland-native replacement for dmenu. GitHub.


Fuzzel is an application launcher for wlroots based Wayland compositors, similar to rofi’s drun mode. Codeberg


tofi is an extremely fast and simple yet highly customizable dmenu / rofi replacement for wlroots-based Wayland compositors. When configured correctly, tofi can get on screen within a single frame. Github

For a more comprehensive list of launchers, check awesome-hyprland.


If you are already running an emacs server you can use Emacs.

For the config you can check out DistroTube’s Configuring Emacs or Sebastian Wae’s app-launcher repositories.