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Hyprland Desktop Portal

An XDG Desktop Portal (later called XDP) is a program that lets other applications communicate swiftly with the compositor through D-Bus.

It’s used for stuff like e.g. opening file pickers, screen sharing.

On Wayland, it also requires an implementation. For Hyprland, you’d usually use xdg-desktop-portal-wlr (later called XDPW)

Unfortunately, due to various reasons the -wlr portal is inferior to the KDE or Gnome ones.

In order to bridge the gap, Hyprland has its own fork of XDPW that has more features, called xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland. (later called XDPH)

You don’t need XDPH. Hyprland will work with XDPW, but XDPH has more features, like e.g. window sharing.

XDPH will work on other wlroots-based compositors, although limited to the XDPW features (other will be disabled)


yay -S xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland-git
paru has an issue with searching for implementations in the AUR, and will falsely ask you to install an additional implementation. Installing any other than -gtk alongside XDPH will cause it to most likely not work.

Unmask dependencies



Apply necessary useflags


dev-qt/qtbase opengl egl eglfs gles2-only
dev-qt/qtdeclarative opengl
gui-libs/xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland select-window select-region
sys-apps/xdg-desktop-portal screencast

Unmask dependencies and xdph


gui-libs/xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland **

btw those are the useflags that I have tested, you could also test others. Also if the gentoo devs update the qt ebuilds without marking them as stable you’ll need to check the ebuild version and update it on ‘/etc/portage/package.accept_keywords’ and ‘/etc/portage/profile/package.unmask’

example: ‘=dev-qt/qtbase-6.5.0’


eselect repository add useless-overlay git https://github.com/Wa1t5/useless-overlay
emaint sync -r useless-overlay
emerge --ask --verbose gui-libs/xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland

It’s recommended to uninstall any other portal implementations to avoid conflicts with the -hyprland or -wlr ones.

-kde and -gnome are known to cause issues.

both -wlr and -hyprland installed at once will also cause conflicts. Choose one and uninstall the other.


Should start automatically.

The most basic way of telling everything is OK is by trying to screenshare anything, or open OBS and select pipewire source. If XDPH is running, a qt menu will pop up asking you what to share.

If it doesn’t, and you get e.g. slurp, then XDPW is launching. In that case, try removing XDPW.

XDPH will work on other wlroots compositors, but features available only on Hyprland will not work (e.g. window sharing)

For a nuclear option, you can use this script and exec-once it:

sleep 1
killall xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland
killall xdg-desktop-portal-wlr
killall xdg-desktop-portal
/usr/libexec/xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland &
sleep 2
/usr/lib/xdg-desktop-portal &

adjust the paths if incorrect.